Sie können wählen zwischen kostengünstigen Basisprogrammen, Spezialprogrammen oder Einzeltraining – Sprachkurse abgestimmt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse und Termine.(Quelle)

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  • PJ Widen
    PJ Widen
    a year ago

    Perfect preparation for my Goethe C2 exam. Flexible regarding the use of online platform, motivated teacher and smooth communication. Would definitely return if I ever need German support again!

  • Jaroslav Plotnikov

    Young Mama with 5 year son from Armenia booked a course and had a visa rejection caused by Corona visa. The school gives money back but keeps €140. Why? Very unprofessional and foreighner UNfriendly. Buh! - You replied that "they never had lessons". As respond to your reply I would like to explain why I consider your customer policy to be UNFRIENDLY. It is not your fault but also not the fault of this Armenian woman that she could not participate because of Corona. And you kept 140 Euro of her money. That I found so GREEDY. You wish compensation for your work. That's okay. But it takes 15-30 minutes of your working time. It is just about to cancel the course and send customer's money back. Just some mouse clicks. Why €140 (!) for God's sake? For some people in Armenia it's half a month's rent. GREEDY. UNFRIENDLY. NOT TO RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL.

  • Cristina Grigorita

    I have learned here with pleasure! Every lesson was interesting and helpful!

  • Johann Landgraf
    Johann Landgraf
    a year ago

    Dear team of the Leipzig Language Center, Why are you not available on any of your channels? I've been trying to reach you for days, but I can't get anyone on the phone? I ask for an explanation at this point. Johann

  • Justyna Gruszkowska

    I can only recommend the German course at the Language Center Leipzig! I am very happy with the teaching methods. Kornelia - our teacher is the best I've ever had.

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