Leipzig Englisch ist DIE Sprachschule für Englischkurse in Leipzig.(Quelle)

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  • Dennis Moser
    Dennis Moser
    a year ago

    I rarely review places I've worked but this place is the exception. It is, hands-down, one of the most supportive, professional, and ENJOYABLE places I have had the pleasure to have worked for... kudos to all the staff who keeps us working! Teaching is not always the easiest thing to do and teaching a language in a foreign country where you are trying to remember their language as taught to you many years before is doubly difficult. But I look forward to my classes and appreciate the communication between client, school, and me. I highly recommend Leipzig Englisch as both a place to work and a place to learn. I am not alone in this belief as others, both students and fellow teachers, have written here. I can only add my support in complete agreement!

  • Robert Broerse
    Robert Broerse
    a year ago

    A wonderful place to work! Flexible time, wonderful communication and a great atmosphere are all things Leipzig Englisch offers trainers and clients alike. The client comes first but the trainers here are treated fair and we are lucky to have such eager students. Learning a language should be fun and here that's how learning happens - with a lot of fun and a smile on your face. And Scott is always up front and direct with us. He and Sveta and Anne make it a pleasure to come into work. It is great to work here seeing that payment is prompt, like clock-work and always fair. Hands down the best!

  • Edward Schaller
    Edward Schaller
    a year ago

    Like everyone else, I have nothing but praise for this school. The team, management, support, and especially the students are wonderful and dedicated. I feel privileged to work here with such great people. Of the various English schools I’ve worked for in the past decade, this is easily the best and friendliest one.

  • Rubina Schulze
    Rubina Schulze
    a year ago

    Leipzig Englisch is an excellent school to work for! I've been with them for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed the working environment. Communication and scheduling of classes is a breeze thanks to the great efforts of Anne Kleemann. I would recommend this school to any English teacher looking work or student wanting to improve their English! Looking forward to another year with them :)

  • Arjun Nain
    Arjun Nain
    a year ago

    A great place to learn English, friendly staff and great hospitality. Each personal's progress is closely monitored by a very professional group of teachers. Loved the place, I totally recommend it.

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