Nestor Bildungsinstitut – Magdeburg

Hegelstraße 39, 39104 Magdeburg

Die Integration in eine neue Kultur stellt eine große Herausforderung dar. Wir erleichtern allen Interessierten diesen Schritt, indem wir ein grundlegendes Wissen über die deutsche Sprache und Kultur vermitteln sowie berufsqualifizierende und fachliche Fähigkeiten trainieren. Als zugelassener Träger für Integrationskurse sowie der Durchführung von Kursen der berufsbezogenen Deutschförderung und als anerkanntes TELC Kompetenzzentrum Hochschule steht Ihnen die Nestor Bildungsinstitut GmbH als verlässlicher Partner während Ihres Integrationsprozesses zur Seite.(Quelle)

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  • Hacki
    7 months ago

    The facility itself could use a new coat of paint. But it is well known that there is no money for education. But the people I met there are all the better. They are always available to offer advice and assistance. There you are seen and treated as a person and not just as an object with which you earn money. I enjoyed the time there and can only recommend it to everyone.

  • Tharwat Alhalbouni
    Tharwat Alhalbouni
    3 weeks ago

    Es war eine angenehme Erfahrung, die Gruppe ist mein Favorit

  • K M
    K M
    7 months ago

    Looking for a completely new professional direction, I ended up with Nestor. The previous fear that my ideas and wishes would only be smiled at again was unfounded. With a lot of personal and professional competence, I was helped to find my dream job. A very special thank you to Ms. Prengel, who was at my side with words and deeds. Keep it up!

  • Anna Kraus
    Anna Kraus
    7 months ago

    For a long time I have had the feeling of restlessness in my job. It brings me a certain appreciation and still the feeling, the feeling that there is even more. Through intensive discussions, I was able to be shown objectively which possibilities and the corresponding doors can be opened. Special thanks go to Ms. Prengel. She also showed me that after every low there is always a high and that, especially during this time, you should go into yourself and ask yourself the question, what do I want. That helped me a lot in my situation and in my question.

  • rene schneider
    rene schneider
    8 months ago

    I was fortunate to have met Ms. Prengel there; she always has an open ear and always ready solutions. She accompanied me on my professional path and was always by my side when I had problems. Even after the end at Nestor we are still in contact and she still supports me in difficult situations. I can only recommend taking part in a coaching there.

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