In unseren Kursen werden Sie motiviert, weil wir Sie da abholen, wo Sie stehen. Unsere Lehrer sind an Ihrem Fortschritt interessiert und erst dann zufrieden, wenn Sie glücklich aus dem Unterricht gehen.(Quelle)

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  • Gerlinde Wilden
    Gerlinde Wilden
    5 years ago

    Hello everybody, I'm in an English group class and I feel very comfortable there. The lessons are varied, the group is small and therefore effective. I've been there for many years now and will continue to teach.

  • Kavas Karola
    Kavas Karola
    4 years ago

    A well-prepared, up-to-date education centered on language skills, with a focus on language. Dear, open-minded teacher.

  • Ribal Salloum
    Ribal Salloum
    5 years ago

    I am a Syria guy, i am a current student in (Sprachenschule Overath). I am studying German there since i need it to have a normal life in Germany and continue my education here as well. In my oppinion, it is a great place to learn German, and lucky to be Mrs. Regina Kerkfeld's student. She is a Great teacher, she has her own method in teaching, which i find it really interesting. But be aware ..... you have to study well to !!!! Hello everyone, I am from Syria and recently traveled to Germany. Of course, I am currently studying German with great savings from Regina Krekfeld. I advise anyone who loves to learn a language and is close to Efrat to visit the school and study on it because Madame Regina has a method and monotony in teaching .... but of course it also depends on you making an effort together.

  • Chris Spicale
    Chris Spicale
    5 years ago

    * I'm in English group class * My improvement is fantastic. Free speaking and conversation at work is great. Little ones Group and great people !!!

  • Heidi Herden
    Heidi Herden
    5 years ago

    I have chosen language school to refresh my forgotten English and am very satisfied. The lessons are adapted to the needs of the participants and sometimes even spontaneously. Nevertheless, Regina Kerkfeld attaches great importance to imparting basic knowledge that contributes significantly to understanding the structure of the language.

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