Als Bildungsanbieter mit dem Schwerpunkt Deutsch als Fremdsprache führt die Sprachenakademie Aachen ganzjährig Sprachkurse, Sprachprüfungen und Weiterbildungsprogramme für verschiedene Zielgruppen durch: für Studienbewerber und Studierende, Akademiker, Berufstätige und Migranten. (Quelle)

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  • Merry Wang
    Merry Wang
    a year ago

    One teacher was good, one teacher was terrible. Too bad you can't just choose the one you like. Why do you need 2 teachers to teach one class? One is fast than the other, one is focused on wrong aspect other then the job itself. Did not have enough room for choices for customers here.

  • Shoukira M
    Shoukira M
    a year ago

    I had previously written an unpleasant review about this place but shortly after doing so, a management representative had me over for a quick chat at her office in order to address my concerns. I am happy that they cared to listen about my experience attentively.

  • Squish Ramsay
    Squish Ramsay
    2 years ago

    I was quite happy with my first two semesters. I had a really nice teacher and learnt a lot, the classes were really accessible and stress free. I have had 4 different teachers since then, only one of which wasn't terrible. One teacher had most of the class asking if they had accidentally walked into the wrong room, it was so hard to keep up. Another chewed me out at length for needing to think about my answers (another student (who had been with her for several semesters) said of her, that if you sit and nod in the back of the class, you pick up 2/3 of the content. I don't think that's acceptable, and I don't like being shouted at incoherently by a teacher who's only making herself understood 2/3 of the time). There's really no conflict resolution system to speak of. Any issue, and the only help you'll get is "we can't refund you". Unhelpful and uncaring staff. Courses are very hit and miss depending what teacher you get; they can be good, but some of the teachers are, frankly, toxic. As I say, I was very happy with the first two semesters, and referred several friends. But you risk throwing a lot of money away for nothing. It's not worth it.

  • eans nanis
    eans nanis
    a year ago

    Best language school ever. The staff is very professional and the teachers know what they are doing . I strongly recommend going there.

  • Jean Carlo Beppler
    Jean Carlo Beppler
    3 years ago

    Don't recommend. Same thing from other people, paid the course, went to the first class which I didn't like, the room was overbooked and didn't receive the material. When trying to cancel they don't return the money.

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