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  • Muneeb Mohammad
    Muneeb Mohammad
    a year ago

    Attended the Studienkolleg and multiple Sprachkurses here. Was good while it lasted, made some good friends. The language courses are good enough, depends on the teacher and the students though. The teachers are usually quite young and friendly, still in universities. Idk if experience is important, but it doesn't matter much when you're learning language. If your teacher's a native speaker, that's all that matters, for me at least. My review mostly focuses on the Studienkolleg though, and hence the 2 stars. Work experience of the teachers plays quite an important role here I would say, which was quite lacking, as I was there at least. In the start, we were all 50+ serious students in T Kurs, eager to learn, make new friends and have fun. While in the end some of us managed to accomplish the latter two of our goals, or some even only the latter, almost all of us missed out on the former. Most of us gave up and in the end only about 12 regular students remained. The reasons being the demotivating impression we got of the quality of education after the first few weeks, and the quality of students being taken in by the institute. As you can expect, most of the students here are those who couldn't make the Aufnahmetest, and came here to get an extension of their visa. Because this institute doesn't actually have any entrance exam, only money's the question. Analog to this is the quality of teachers, who come here seeking to gain teaching experience, while working part time and at the same time studying in university. The teachers are treated quite harshly here by the students, and because they are new to teaching, they aren't able to handle it and some even break down. What I recommend all those trying to do complete a Studienkolleg, if you really want to learn something and get into a university, you have to be motivated. You can't expect a private school to lead the way, it's only an aid. The only reason to get into this institute is to meet other people in the same situation as you, and to get a visa, the first step to studying in Germany. If you haven't attempted any Aufnahmetest already, don't come here. And if you've decided to come here anyways, remember to stay motivated throughout, and don't treat the teachers too harshly. They're here to make a living as well, and wouldn't be here, if they had a better choice out there. All in all, both the teachers and the students have been played with. I'd say the institute is doing a bad job currently, but if they manage to raise the standards a bit with all that money they earn, which I'm quite sure is a lot for the amount of work being done in the end, it would be more recommendable place to be in. P.S. If anyone's expecting success from an external Feststellungsprüfung, don't get too excited. The passing rate last year in Niedersachsen was around 6% of those who got accepted to write the exam externally.

  • Younis Muhsin
    Younis Muhsin
    3 years ago

    Personally visiting Rheinland Privatschule was great for me. I have benefited a lot from the teachers and the overall environment. They are very informative and eager to help at all times, especially for the new comers. A huge factor for me was the easy transportation, it is very central and it’s located right next to the main station. It is an excellent head start for anyone hoping to attend a German university.

  • Gaurie Verma
    Gaurie Verma
    2 years ago

    I studied with rheinland privatschule's Live Online Class and it was amazing! I felt as if i were really in the class as it is a real time class and I was learning with other students who were present in the class physically. I was able to interact with the teacher and there were no lags or unclear sounds/visuals. I also had the books digitally and I could complete all the exercises in the same time that the other students took. All in all, it was a good experience!

  • Praisy Ponnachan
    Praisy Ponnachan
    2 years ago

    I have been doing my language course in The Rheinland Privatschule for the past 6 months and my experience here is incredible.The facilities given by the school are really good.Especially the teachers are really amazing and friendly.I really love the way they teach.We can freely interact with them.The office staffs are very helpful.The accomodation services given by the school are really good and safe.Im totally satisfied with the service.Another advantage about the RHEINLAND PRIVATESCHULE in Duisburg is that ,it's very near to the main station,which makes transportation easier for students😊😊.

  • Paris London
    Paris London
    2 years ago

    I have studied in Rheinland Privatschule Studienkolleg T-course and the courses were amazing with Mr. Besoglu. The team in the office was very helpful. I have passed my FSP exam and i have started with my study in RWTH Aachen.

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