Rheinland Privatschule Düsseldorf

Bismarckstraße 101, 40210 Düsseldorf

Deutschkurs – DSH Vorbereitung – Studienkolleg(Quelle)


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  • Praisy Ponnachan
    Praisy Ponnachan
    2 years ago

    I have been doing my language course in The Rheinland Privatschule for the past 6 months and my experience here is incredible.The facilities given by the school are really good.Especially the teachers are really amazing and friendly.I really love the way they teach.We can freely interact with them.The office staffs are very helpful.The accomodation services given by the school are really good and safe.Im totally satisfied with the service.Another advantage about the RHEINLAND PRIVATESCHULE in Duisburg is that ,it's very near to the main station,which makes transportation easier for students😊😊.

  • Markus Sernes
    Markus Sernes
    3 years ago

    Sakın gitmeyin bu kursa! My experience was horrible in this course. If you don't want to spend your time you shouldn't waste your money. I want to start to tell you the most important thing. They don't examine anyone when stundets come to register. For example I was B2 student there but %70 of the class were A2-B1 Level. They even don't know what are ''um...zu, damit, or obwohl'' They can't even do '' Satzbau'' . Also, using books are quite expensive. they are giving you 3 books. They costed 70 Euro. But when you try to find it on internet, it's around 30 euro. Also the books are really old. The texts and the subjects are not contemporary. Even the teachers say that to the students. If I had to talk about the teachers, one or two of them are good. But they don't even want to work in that course. The boss of the company care just about money and he does not care any students or teachers of this course. I really stupidly wasted my time there but I didn't know that course is really horrible. if you are looking for a course in NRW or Cologne, please check others. Rheinland is the worst one.

  • Dandara O.
    Dandara O.
    3 years ago

    [Rheinland Privatschule Duisburg] COMPLETE lack of organization of their service as a school, I am currently a student there and I am REALLY NOT HAPPY about the service. The building is very bad handled and dirty as well as the ladies bathroom, which by the way never had a light that works. When we needed an extra room to have extra classes that we missed because the teacher was sick, they had no idea where to put us, so in this situation we lost 50 minutes of class - which made me very angry, because I am paying for that, it is a private school. As if it was not enough, our classroom has NO HEATING for already more than a month and as the winter started to arrive since then, we have to learn in the real cold without even an explanation or an excuse. Personally, I find this inhumane and no need to say how disrespectful it is. Another thing is, when the teachers need internet to teach us or show us something important, it does not work, because there is no repeater for our classroom - so one more thing that put us behind the others. They teach as if it was a revision for every student there: well, I tell you, it is not - lot of people never had such subjects at school in their own countries. You guys should work for foreigners to learn what goes on in German school, starting from the thought that some or most of them might have never seen the lecture subjects. NO CLEAR EXPLANATIONS about how to deal with subscriptions for the exams and everytime you ask someone of the staff, they give completely different answers - so everyone is confused about the process of subscriptions (in Cologne and Hannover, most of all). Now, I believe I explained why I said COMPLETE LACK OF ORGANIZATION. I am happy to have the opportunity to study, but I regret very much the school I trusted to prepare and to support me as a student in the very basic ways is NOT AT ALL what I can call a good choice. Sadly for me, a loss of money, time and motivation to watch the classes.

  • 백호
    3 years ago

    I am a student in Rheinland Privatschule. I come from South Korea. now I am studying Deutsch B2 in the class. I like the school teacher and friends in the class. I want to share my case to you about housing service from privatschule. It will be helpful to to prevent the bad situation to users of housing service by privatschule. I have stayed in the room arranged by the school. the owner of the flat is same to school owner. 1. The status of room: it is totally messy. and the windows at the driveway 2. Monthly price of the room: 370(Miete) + 50(additional cost) and internet 20 = 440 euro. (It is so high with this condition of equipment and room status) 3. Furniture of the room : dirty refrigerator, kitchen, carpet, noisy room at the window to driveway. No washing machine. 4. electricity of the house: so high. they request 50 euro per month. that is normal value. But the end of the day, they request more 564 euros more. the house staff employed by privatschule insisted that 2 guy(2 heater, 2 refrigerator) in the small flat need to spend 1728 euro for 6 months(288euros monthly). They did not show the formal receipt. All friends on my class agreed that it is a kind of cheat. I sent complaint letter the owner of the house and privatschule. He told that he did not understand the attached letter. but when I asked to my friends and school teacher, their opinion was that the letter can understand clearly. So, I recommend you. Don't use this school housing service. and I heard that other chinese student did not receive the deposit money for 6 months. I wish you to do better choice for the learning German. Thanks.

  • sadiq chams eddine
    sadiq chams eddine
    4 months ago

    Stay away from it. Private school doesn't even have teaching materials. The school should be reported to the public order office in Düsseldorf. 3000 euros to be taught by other students. Go to the right schools, dear applicants.

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