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Bergstraße 138, 53129 Bonn

Ob geschäftlich oder privat, Sie wünschen sich einen professionellen und erfahrenen Englischlehrer in Bonn und NRW, Muttersprachler aus Amerika, der Ihnen durch aktive Sprechübungen hilft, gut und kompetent Englisch zu sprechen. Gemeinsam erstellen wir ein Sprachprogramm, das zu Ihren individuellen Sprachzielen, Bedürfnissen und Ihrem Lernstil passt. In einer lebendigen Lernatmosphäre werden Sie motiviert und mit Freude lernen.(Quelle)

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  • Gulam Achundsada
    Gulam Achundsada
    2 months ago

    Since I've been taking lessons with her, my English has improved a lot, the lessons are good and effective, and I've learned a lot during that time. My English skills, grammar and pronunciation have improved and she is always easy to reach, flexible in terms of time and always nice and friendly. I can recommend your lessons at any time.

  • Jessica Goetz
    Jessica Goetz
    2 months ago

    The lessons are a lot of fun, as Patti responds individually to the previous knowledge and wishes of the students. It also has interesting and varied topics and makes you feel good, even when you make mistakes.

  • Herbert Mauel
    Herbert Mauel
    2 months ago

    Very well structured, but also always varied and therefore never boring, so that you don't lose interest in the lessons. Top recommendation!

  • Ellen Jung
    Ellen Jung
    6 months ago

    Best English class I've ever had! Patricia has adjusted very well to me and sometimes has to be very patient :-) Thanks for that! I'm looking forward to more hours :-) Keep it up!

  • M C
    M C
    2 months ago

    Patricia is an open, fun and lively personality who knows how to organize English classes in such a way that most of the time you don't even notice that you are taking classes. In conversations on a wide variety of topics, I have been able to greatly improve my ability to express complex thoughts in English and to maintain the fluency in the last few months. Patricia not only acts as an interesting conversation partner and key word, but also improves the "bad habits" in a charming way. English lessons as an experience. My unreserved recommendation!

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