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Dürener Straße 98, 50931 Köln

Wir sind der professionelle Bildungs-Partner für Schüler, Erwachsene und Unternehmen. Egal ob Sie Nachhilfe suchen, Sprachen lernen, Ihre Sprachkenntnisse oder Computerkenntnisse verbessern möchten: Wir gehen gezielt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein und entwickeln gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihren individuellen Lehrplan.(Quelle)

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  • Seamus Schulze
    Seamus Schulze
    a month ago

    I started a 1 year C1 Spanish course in May 2019. For the first six months we were asked in our study group again every week in Spanish how our week had been. Without ever having been taught the past tense, we had to stammer to ourselves for 3 months. Even before the simplest past tense, the subjuntivo, one of the most difficult and challenging grammar forms of all, was preferred in the classroom. The teachers were often not available every week. We were then offered alternative appointments, but due to the circumstances of Covid-19, I was unable to attend them healthily and in terms of time. Thus the learning studio Barbarossa still "owes" me teaching units. Unfortunately, I was severely affected by the Corona measures as an independent event technician and could no longer pay the last 2 monthly installments in the first lockdown. I asked the learning studio Barbarossa several times, in the hope of being kind, to offset the missing teaching units that I am still entitled to with my outstanding installments. And that I was without proper protection back then (without vaccination), I did not trust further teaching units, was not taken into account.

  • Jeanne Rozhkova
    Jeanne Rozhkova
    a year ago

    I brought my German to C2 here. Very friendly contact with Mr. Grahl. I can only recommend it if the adult education center is simply no longer enough!

  • Tamina Tanski
    Tamina Tanski
    10 months ago

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