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Niedernstraße 14, 33602 Bielefeld

Wir sind der professionelle Bildungs-Partner für Schüler, Erwachsene und Unternehmen. Egal ob Sie Nachhilfe suchen, Sprachen lernen, Ihre Sprachkenntnisse oder Computerkenntnisse verbessern möchten: Wir gehen gezielt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein und entwickeln gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihren individuellen Lehrplan.(Quelle)

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  • Lars H.
    Lars H.
    2 months ago

    Very good tutoring institute, also for tutors. The management, Ms. Neumann, helps the teachers with the organization and is always ready to listen. It was also important to me that she supports my concepts with students with learning difficulties. Classrooms are in the pedestrian zone, i.e. centrally located. Very pleasant working atmosphere.

  • --
    2 years ago

    I would like to share my experience and warn others, especially parents, if you are looking for tutoring for your children that should also bring something. At that time I had severe deficits in English and it was clear that I would have to improve my grades in order to be able to do my Abitur. Since I thought a tutoring course could help, I begged my parents to help me and to sign up for one. Since this tutoring institute had very good reviews at the time, which I absolutely do not understand, we signed up for an appointment. There we received a nice woman and a man in a suit who made a very serious impression at first. However, after the first tutoring it turned out that this is anything but serious. The purpose of tutoring is to support a person in a subject in his deficits, but this is not possible if a teacher has to take care of 5 others in the room. As exaggerated as it sounds, I haven't learned a single thing, and the end of the song was that I couldn't improve my English. I was never allowed to do my Abi because the grade was too low by 0.5. Since I just couldn't help myself, the tutoring here was my only hope because I needed professional help. That was the worst time of my life because that kind of thing simply decides the future. I know that not everyone has such extreme situations but for me it ended in depression because I had to take a different path afterwards, which I am not happy with until today. A classmate felt the same about the lack of supervision and I think it's an absolute cheek to teach 5 students at once. Everyone needs constant help, the teacher cannot respond to each and every one of them and as soon as she is with you and you want her to explain something that you don't understand, she is right back with someone else. Quite apart from learning, how should you concentrate when everyone was talking. In addition, it cost more than 100 euros a month and we could only cancel after a year. So my parents had to pass on the costs without my having any of it. So this one year has cost us over 1000 euros. I don't know how other people felt about Barbarossa, but I absolutely cannot recommend it. If you need tutoring in a language, please look for people privately who are native speakers of the language who come to your home and teach face to face where you can see what they teach your children. They usually do it for less than half of what Barbarossa charges in terms of costs. But there you see again, only the coal is important. What happens to those who are there to improve in a subject, possibly to get their degree, does not matter!

  • Johanna Spintzyk
    Johanna Spintzyk
    a year ago

  • pattra so
    pattra so
    2 years ago

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