Jeder Student, der bei uns eine Sprache lernt, lernt individuell und kann die Sprache ohne Schwierigkeiten anwenden!(Quelle)

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  • ying liu
    ying liu
    6 months ago

    The HLS language class is really good. The teacher is serious and responsible. I often receive the corrected homework from Martin in the evening. I am very dedicated. The corrected homework will also point out the problems carefully and give a more authentic expression! At the same time, there are Chinese teachers who can communicate better and truly understand the problems in their learning process. The teachers will also give advice, especially Teacher Hua, and they can also chat to enlighten me, who is very anxious because of learning, hahahaha, such as Family members are generally warm! The other teachers are also great, in short, HLS can't be wrong!

  • Lucas Mancheski
    Lucas Mancheski
    3 months ago

    I had a lot of fun and learned so much with HLS. I can warmly recommend it to every German learner.

  • Phine
    a year ago

    The course is lively because teachers are energetic. I talk to them about cultural diversity, everyday life, food, hobbies, etc. while eating. The atmosphere is so nice too. I'm happy to learn German there. Everything is great and I like it. It's worth it!

  • Fang Wan
    Fang Wan
    a year ago

    I will recommend HLS to my classmates and friends, especially if I am looking for a job that needs Bewerbungscoaching. Simon offers quite professional and practical training, and has been very helpful in speaking, interviewing skills and paperwork preparation. I have also participated in the guidance and training provided by Uni Career Service and Arbeitsamt, so I can give a more objective evaluation in this regard.

  • 陆宇
    2 years ago

    The one-on-one class is reported. Teacher Hua is meticulous and responsible. Although I am in Germany, I am a little home, lacking a German-speaking environment. In this respect, their school is doing very well and can really let you speak. Moreover, although my German pronunciation was generally understandable, but influenced by Chinese, the accent is heavier, and the method taught by Teacher Hua can greatly improve my pronunciation. During the time I was studying, there were other class students who brought their own chicken wings for everyone to eat. In addition, the school also organized a barbecue dinner. The atmosphere of the exchange was very good and it was very warm. By the way, their layout and decoration are also good, and there is free coffee~

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