GoAcademy! ist seit 1990 eine der führenden Sprachschulen in Europa. Wir bieten neben Sprachkursen für Privatpersonen und Firmen auch Sprachreisen in 40 verschiedene Länder an. (Quelle)


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  • Appanah Answella Daneshka

    A school with a familiar atmosphere. Where evryone is always ready to help you and make you learn new things. Lovely and professional administration service!! Always recommended🙂🙂

  • Jenia Davidovich
    Jenia Davidovich
    3 weeks ago

    I enjoyed studying at GoAcademy, had wonderful time and learned a lot!

  • Svetlana Chimeea
    Svetlana Chimeea
    2 months ago

    I am actually an on-line student in the school. I have started taking classes one month ago with the aim to do B2 TELC test. I must say that after one month of regular classes with the GoAcademy 5 days a week, 4 hours per day my level has rocketed up!!! I am no more afraid to express myself even if I am stiill far away from being fluent in German. One thing is sure: i am on the right way and in good hands. My teachers Anja and Michael are perfectly managing both off-line and on-line students. I love our virtual community, the way we are supported by our teachers and by each other. I have no doubt that with such a profesdional and friendly support I will be ready for my test and will be successful. I have tried several other ways to learn German and to get prepared to go for B2. I have lost some time and a lot of money. If anyone will be reading my review, i tell you honestly: this is not cheap, but it is a short cut and a sure way to B2... and even further! I should have come here earlier. But better late than never. Go " GoAcademy!"

  • Cecilia Lauretta
    Cecilia Lauretta
    8 months ago

    The best institute in the area. Great teachers, great staff, good prices.

  • Susu Mouri
    Susu Mouri
    10 months ago

    I studied German for 4 months in this academy and I improved a lot. They are very nice and helpful. The teachers are helpful, patient and good at teaching. The staff members are also very helpful and most cooperative. I would very much recommend that you study here if you are looking for a a place to learn a new language at. - Yousef

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