Die Sprachakademie blickt auf eine über 24-Jährige Vereinsgeschichte zurück. Mit dem Ziel, allen Interessenten die deutsche Sprache näherzubringen, betreuen wir Sie intensiv bis zu Ihren Prüfungen in Schrift und Wort. Wir bieten Deutschkurse für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene, für Jung und Alt an.(Quelle)

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  • Julia Skakovska
    Julia Skakovska
    3 months ago

    The best language school in Hanover! Everyone who works there is very nice and helpful. It's a very professional school with a really friendly atmosphere, which makes the learning process even more fun. I did C1 with Miguel, he is a great guy, very passionate about teaching which is quite rare. He is a really dedicated teacher who wants you to learn and understand the language. It was really a pleasure and fun to study with him!

  • Kevin Dabhi
    Kevin Dabhi
    3 months ago

    Frau Nicole Endorf ist die beste! I began my studies when we were allowed to take physical classes, but that lasted only about a week or so, and then we shifted to online classes. Even though online is a bit difficult because you can't do many activities our Lehrerin Nicole Endorf made it work somehow. The staff is also very nice. The most important part other than the language was that I found people who I can hang out. Our class had people from various countries and it was interesting to learn even more about their culture. I did my A2.2 till B1 here and the time flied. We had fun and didn't feel like we were just studying all the time. I'd recommend this school and specially Nicole.

    11 months ago

    Hannover is one of the leading language schools in Germany. If you are interested in taking German language classes in Germany, u should come to Sprachakademie!

  • Laura de Chavarria Muñoz

    I came to Germany knowing the very basic words, and now I can say that I can speak german fluently thanks to Sprachakademie Hannover. I have been attending this academy for a few months, getting the certificate of B1 and B2 (my goal is to achieve the C1+ certificate). They have been intense courses, but I really enjoyed both of them, and I am very happy with the improvement of my language skills. It has been a beautiful experience, where I have learned a lot and I have met new people from different countries of the world. The teachers that I have had during these months have been Miguel Garcia (in B1) and Sumaya Herigslack (in B2), both of them super good teachers, they have helped me a lot and I have been able to count on their help both in class time and after hours; thanks to them I can say that Sprachakademie Hannover is the best option to do a language course, I recommend it 100%.☺️☺️

  • sophia olympiakara
    sophia olympiakara
    5 years ago

    First of all the Sprachakademie school is a very professional school to learn the German Language. The teachers are very professional, therefore I want to disagree with some of the comments about one of the teachers, his name is Miguel. I was a student in his class. He is a very active teacher, full of energy. He speaks German like a native speaker and his class was never boring, there are always new things to learn whether about the German culture or about other cultures. Finally I recommend this school, the staff are amazing and I really enjoyed learning the German Language there.

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