MONDIALE gibt es seit mehr als 30 Jahren, wir sind einer der regional marktführenden Anbieter für Sprachentrainings in 8 Fremdsprachen.(Quelle)

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  • Aviva Vu
    Aviva Vu
    a year ago

    I picked this school due to its location. The good things about it was that the teachers are nice and give me the first very constructive glimpse of Deutsch. Also there I met very good friends when we all first new to Germany and German. But the office and administration people are horrible at communication. They announce last minute that I don't have a space. I mean you should know the amount of people registered and paid in advance. And giving the fact that I have registered in advance for awhile to receive a refusal last minute is not acceptable. And it happened more than 1 times. I chose to stay and register again just because of the nice friends and teacher. But the way the school administration handling registration, maybe I should just find another school for good.

  • Jang Barry
    Jang Barry
    3 months ago

    War ok

  • Faraz Yousafzai
    Faraz Yousafzai
    a year ago

    The team that runs the location is very professional and helpful. Highly recommend location for learning and testing services.

  • farooq umar
    farooq umar
    11 months ago

    A very good school for learning German

  • Khavar Feyzullayeva

    The worst course experience I have ever had!! Many people did not recommend me this school. I was just in a hurry to finish B2 to attend an exam. Therefore, I attended this course by not listening to the recommendations, as they start every month. However, I could not bother to go there more than one week. The methods are not practical to improve language skills. I have plenty of observations and some experience about teaching a language. In our class, almost no methods or techniques were applied to involve students to acquire the language. Furthermore, grammatical rules or new vocabulary were not explained either. They did not even care when I left the school after one week. Nobody connected me to get to know about the reason of not coming any more. I paid already a monthly fee and I know that it is not possible to get it back and they do not care I guess.

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