Lernstudio Barbarossa – Offenbach

Frankfurter Straße 36-38, 63065 Offenbach

Wir sind der professionelle Bildungs-Partner für Schüler, Erwachsene und Unternehmen. Egal ob Sie Nachhilfe suchen, Sprachen lernen, Ihre Sprachkenntnisse oder Computerkenntnisse verbessern möchten: Wir gehen gezielt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein und entwickeln gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihren individuellen Lehrplan.(Quelle)

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8 reviews
  • Martina Kujadin
    Martina Kujadin
    4 months ago

    Wouldn't recommend it at all. I am so disappointed with the complete performance I got. At first I find that it is too expensive for what they are offering. One thing was said to me and another was done to me. Nobody cares about the students who go to school! The only thing that matters is cashing in money, no other way. I would not recommend the school to anyone! This is a disaster.

  • Mary Zai
    Mary Zai
    7 months ago

    I am appalled! First of all, I find it disrespectful, selfish and completely irresponsible to sit in an office (2021, where every self-employed person is afraid for his future) and sit without any problems with a self-confidence WITHOUT A MASK! Call me petty, rule-compliant or responsible, I have no understanding! Let's get to the communicative. When I called the central office and explained that I was looking for an English playgroup for my 3 year old daughter, it was confirmed to me that I am at the right place at BARBAROSSA! "Bring your daughter with you!" I did that, without any point! The target group does not apply to my daughter! Why do you lure people when you can't deliver an offer? And the icing on the cake of the whole service is to pay 185 euros per month for 90 minutes / week! For what? For employees who do not adhere to the rules or who do not coordinate with one another! The 2 stars are justified and I am not surprised that the Barbarossa language school in Offenbach does not have much to see!

  • Алёна Кузнецова

    Do not mess with them. They recorded a son for German classes. - The teacher is late for class. - In the first lesson we discussed the goals with the teacher. In the next lesson, the teacher asks the child: "What do you want to go through?" He asks a child who still does not know German well. - You cannot safely leave these courses, carefully read the contract, this bondage with a bad teacher for six months.

  • Adile Üstün
    Adile Üstün
    11 months ago

    very bad

  • Mirza Mamond
    Mirza Mamond
    a year ago

    That was already registered by sahra

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