Lernstudio Barbarossa – Hanau

Nürnberger Straße 20-22, 63450 Hanau

Wir sind der professionelle Bildungs-Partner für Schüler, Erwachsene und Unternehmen. Egal ob Sie Nachhilfe suchen, Sprachen lernen, Ihre Sprachkenntnisse oder Computerkenntnisse verbessern möchten: Wir gehen gezielt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse ein und entwickeln gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihren individuellen Lehrplan.(Quelle)

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9 reviews
  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown
    12 months ago

    Fraud!!!! DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING HERE!!! bad teachers, methods. Horrible experience. THEY ARE FRAUD

  • Majo Alguacil
    Majo Alguacil
    12 months ago

    I learnt NOTHING.

  • Denise Rath-Vegh
    Denise Rath-Vegh
    a year ago

    We have to give 5 stars for math tutoring. Simply TOP !!! Very well explained, we were at the end of our hopes, but the lecturer helped our son very well, so I can only recommend.

  • Nihal Cansiz
    Nihal Cansiz
    2 years ago

    Rating only for hanau Before signing contract signed a thousand times. Never trust. For each lesson lessons can be signed against. Never believe any word of lead. Always in writing. Always copy machines defective or print toner toner for lernmeterial.

  • Kerstin Dworski
    Kerstin Dworski
    2 years ago

    Absolute disaster. We registered for the PC course (Word Excel etc) with high hopes and expectations as the website was very promising. Basic knowledge was available and what we were offered was the lowest level. For a 5-member group was not even a projector available, we had to bring this even. 3 people sat face-to-face with a teacher and 2 with their backs, so you could not follow the lessons properly. 1 learning book for all, no copies or similar The lecturer could hardly or not at all German. Tasks could not explain you such as B. form formulas, instead, solutions were directly disclosed. Despite many complaints, be it to the lecturer, as well as in the course management as well as directly in the headquarters in Kaiserslautern are still in vain, instead is expected cheeky that you pay the full course, although this was canceled after the 3rd lesson of 12 , Here you come across any ignorance, there was no solution, no other German-speaking lecturers who can continue our course. With a course for 5 people, which costs 1930 €, such a behavior is absolutely not possible.

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