TANDEM International inspiriert Menschen, durch fremde Sprachen neue Welten zu entdecken, ermöglicht das Eintauchen in Kultur und Sprache und gibt Impulse für intensives Lernen und individuelle Entwicklung.(Quelle)

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  • Selissa Moh
    Selissa Moh
    a year ago

    The best language school I've been to (and I've been to a few!) The teaching quality is exceptional and the teachers making learning German grammar fun. The HR staff are also super friendly and welcoming. Can recommend the intensive courses. Thanks again Tandem!

  • Guzel Bairamgulova
    Guzel Bairamgulova
    8 months ago

    I did an intensive German course at Tandem starting with A2.2 level all the way up to C1. Right after finishing the intensive course, I also took the preparation course for the Telc C1 Hochshule exam which helped me to get ready for the exam and to pass it successfully! Outstanding teachers, highly professional administration staff, great ambiance at school–all this makes Tandem truly the best place to learn the language and I am happy to recommend it!

  • A Garcia
    A Garcia
    9 months ago

    Best German Language School in Hamburg! I have taken from A1 to B1 and all the different Teachers have been so amazing! They care about you and they help you a lot. The classes are very dynamic, not boring at all, they do a lot of games and interactive activities to make the learning experience more fun. I have made also good friends here. My german off course has improved a lot! I fully recommend it!

  • sj moon
    sj moon
    2 years ago

    I highly recommend this academy. I took an intensive course from A1.1 and A2.1 and I am going back for an evening course. The teachers are all professional. I had four teachers and all of them were excellent. The materials are also sufficient and the classes are structured. Each class is comprised of interactive activities, so you rarely just sit down and write things down one hour straight like at other academies. The prices are not the lowest in Hamburg, but I chose this academy because the facilities are better, cleaner and more spacious than the cheapest academy and the admins are nicer and more available.

  • Jiyun Kim
    Jiyun Kim
    a year ago

    Last fall, Ms. Claudia Hess of Tandem Hamburg and I could not come to an agreement. Although I did not attend the school, her words haunt me to this day. To summarize briefly: 1. Ms. Hess was not pleased with my experience at Volkshochschule. 2. Her commentary on family names was inappropriate and irrelevant. 3. The emphasis on homogeneity -- "We must keep the class homogeneous" -- was concerning. I'm certain Tandem Hamburg is a good place to learn German. It is not my wish to tarnish anyone's reputation. If one teacher cannot maintain integrity, however, it is reasonable to question the school as a whole. Learning a foreign language, especially as an expat, can be emotional. Although language schools are private business, teachers need to be mindful of their impact on students. Thank you for reading.

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