SDI Language & Intercultural Training Center

Baierbrunner Straße 28, 81379 München

Das Language & Intercultural Training Center bietet in seinen Bereichen Deutsch als Fremdsprache und Seminare & Training verschiedenste Weiterbildungen und Sprachausbildungen an.(Quelle)


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  • Janis Casa
    Janis Casa
    8 months ago

    Make your language your job, is probably the biggest lie that this school uses as a slogan. Especially for those who get to do it with a lady Gabriele Krause, here it was not important to select Germans as to promote, as a foreigner you can even see this as discrimination that is pursued by this lady with zeal. With such a selection one should not accept any foreigners at all and let them dream of being an interpreter for 6 months. The management should check the statistics of the non-admitted foreigners after the probationary period and think about where the error lies, especially in the department headed by this lady.

  • Eva Stockburger
    Eva Stockburger
    a year ago

    ONLY WHICH RICH ... I started training as an interpreter there. I am very disappointed with this "school" I had to give up my studies at the beginning of December for financial reasons, since my partner's company surprisingly registered short-time work. I had spoken to the management and sent an e-mail. written notice of termination, which supposedly never arrived. The end of the song: I have to pay for the school year, although I haven't attended a single lesson since December! Homeschooling because of Corona would have been impossible for me because I don't have internet at home, the dorm next door is priceless ... - all the same, the main thing is that they get their money. In addition, the training is so unrealistic that it hurts. Who still works today with dictionaries that cost an outrageous 300 euros and dust unused in the corner after training ??? No wonder that something like DeepL & Co. feeds.

  • Ein Google-Nutzer
    Ein Google-Nutzer
    a year ago

    The training "foreign language correspondent" was not worth it! There are 833 FSK positions across Germany! Even more blatant when you compare it with other professional qualifications that you can acquire in 2 years - you have more opportunities here: Germany-wide (as of July 22, 2020) 29,769 jobs for office workers 6 152 jobs for industrial clerks 14,799 positions for secretaries / office communications clerks 2,705 real estate agent positions 3 530 jobs for wholesale and foreign trade clerks. (Source: job exchange of the employment agency). Retraining at the employment office € 0 instead of giving away money to a private school for August without classes. You do not need a 2-year training course to make calls in the call center using temporary work. No mediation for office work! There are enough native speakers, graduates who have completed their studies and those with professional experience on the job market, they are preferred. Few jobs, but many graduates every year because of the many schools in the city that "you are never wrong with languages" attract a lot of young people. No commercial subjects are taught here that are very "in demand" on the market, the competition learns that like office clerks: Determine personnel requirements, create personnel profiles; Payroll; Beginning (employment contract) and termination (termination) of employment relationships. (Types of termination, duties and rights of employees and employers): You earn a lot of money with bookkeeping, commercial management, and control. Occupational health and safety Health protection, Protection against dismissal, maternity leave, parental leave, severely disabled people, Economic order, Needs and needs, Education system, Employment Law, Collective bargaining law, Works council, youth and trainee representation, right to strike (is on purpose! Who wants independent, responsible citizens who know their rights and defend themselves), Warnings in working life, Job references (hidden messages), Labor courts (instances), Statute of limitations, suspension and interruption of legal claims, Types of sales contracts, Disruptions, void, voidable sales contracts, Types of declarations of intent, Private and public law, Legal system, separation of powers, Corporate goals, Marketing, Markets, Unfair competition, Common forms of business, Merchant forms, Social insurance, private insurance, Interview questions, Difference between property and property, Retention of title, Rights and obligations of employees, Types of goods, Factors of production, Types of division of labor, Legal capacity, Legal objects, legal transactions, Types of transfer of ownership, Dunning procedure, dunning notice, enforcement or legal action, Commercial register, Tax issues, Works Constitution Act, Market forms, pricing, consumer protection, Economic cycle, Gross domestic product, Economy, European Central Bank, Free and social market economy vs. Central administration economy, Labor protection, Holiday regulations, Employment contract notice periods, Economic principle, Minimum principle and maximum principle. The exams at the school do not correspond to the multiple choice level of an IHK exam. You end up in shabby assistant positions. Can you speak a language perfectly after two years? Would you like to type a lawyer’s blah blah off the tape, proofread medicine package leaflets, or telephone customer support for broken washing machines? Only MS Office Word is taught, anyone can do that. How about SAP?

  • Sea E.
    Sea E.
    a year ago

    I was at the SDI for six months, and unfortunately I cannot recommend it in any way. In my opinion, as an interpreter, you don't have to know which state in the USA grows the most potatoes (exam question). The teacher who is supposed to train free speech cannot look his audience in the eye, but complains to his students and subtracts a grade !! Instead of practicing relevant interpreting, the timetable is filled with useless half-knowledge. In my view, the prices are far too expensive for what is offered. The teachers are absolutely fine on a personal level, but the financial policy is impersonal and not exactly with a lot of heart. After my father died and I therefore missed a lot of lessons, a lot of stones were put in my way and I was not allowed to suspend payments because of short-term money problems and later pay or get out of the contract. If you can, study somewhere else.

  • Oleg Chamara
    Oleg Chamara
    10 months ago

    very good

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