Sie möchten Ihre Englisch Sprachkenntnisse auffrischen? In Meetings, Präsentationen oder am Telefon selbstbewusster sprechen können? Oder macht Ihnen der Gedanke mit Fremden ein Gespräch zu beginnen Bauchschmerzen? Ich unterstütze Sie gerne dabei Ihre Sprachbarrieren zu überwinden und Ihr Sprachniveau auf das nächste Level zu bringen.(Quelle)

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  • Dagmar Frisch
    Dagmar Frisch
    7 months ago

    I had a wonderful time with Rebecca and her classes. During this time she became a very good friend of mine. And we often laughed at my first mistake "I become a schnitzel". She's so friendly, helpful, empathetic and I learned a lot from her in class. Thank you so much my dear!

  • Anna Buckl
    Anna Buckl
    8 months ago

    Rebecca has a good style to teach English - very funny but efficient. The lessons are flexible and diversified. Reading a text or article, getting through grammar and vocabulary or conversation. The lessons were different every week and I learned a lot in the last 2,5 years. Now I am confident to use my English language skills. Thank you, Rebecca.

  • Katia Inostrantseva
    Katia Inostrantseva
    8 months ago

    If you want to have well-organised, useful, flexible and fun lessons, choose RH English Training! Rebecca is always very prepared and is good in providing detailed lesson reviews. Also the pricing is reasonable and I found it to be the best investment in myself. Highly recommended if you are looking to learn/improve your reading, writing and conversational English! Thank you again, Rebecca, for your lessons and for being so helpful and professional!

  • Lena D‘Angelo
    Lena D‘Angelo
    8 months ago

    I took a few lessons from Rebecca to brush up my English for my new job. Her teaching is very professional and her friendly, patient and humorous nature made it a lot of fun to improve my English. After a short time I was able to see great progress. I can only recommend her as a teacher!

  • Frederik Geißelmeier

    I am very satisfied with the English result that I have achieved since starting the tutoring. I am studying business administration at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences in the 3rd semester. I have the feeling that I have been able to improve my vocabulary a lot, and I also understand texts much better when I read through English texts. I can only recommend the English tutoring to everyone. If someone also needs support for business English, this would also be the right place. Because I also needed it for my business studies.

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