Sprach- und Kulturtraining für deine erfolgreiche Integration in Deutschland. (Quelle)

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  • F. G.
    F. G.
    10 months ago

    I'm doing 1 to 1 lessons with them since a couple of years and I was able to get into the language already after one year, even if working and having a family. The teacher is very nice and always available. The Price is also good in comparison with other companies. I can recommend them.

  • Rajesh Balasubramonium

    I'm Rajesh Balasubramonium and I've been living in Munich for five years. My life has improved in the last two years because I connected with Laura Rieger. That's true. I started my German course with her two years ago and in two years I passed the B2 exam at the Goethe-Institut. Laura is a great teacher who has a very good understanding of the language. In my opinion, she also has the skills to adapt her teaching style for everyone. She always motivated me and she helped me speak a lot so that I could move forward. I can of course confess that I've become self-conscious over the past few years. I spoke German with my colleagues last year and everyone was able to witness my progress. This is still proof that I have improved my language skills with Laura's help. I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn German and I can promise that the experience will definitely be good. I thank her for her support and help. 😊 I would like to do C1 with her too 😉

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