Erfolgreiches Lehren hängt wesentlich von der fachlichen und methodischen Kompetenz des Dozenten ab. Deshalb legen wir einen sehr hohen Wert auf die Qualifikation, Motivation und Bereitschaft zur Weiterbildung seitens unserer Lehrer.(Quelle)

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  • Plato Pathrose
    Plato Pathrose
    a year ago

    Good training and well organized. Will recommend for sure.

  • Anne Tongo
    Anne Tongo
    3 years ago

    Not the best academy... They have some good teachers, but they all still need more pedagogy trainings. Some teachers are students from the university and even when they are native speakers they don't fill the place of a teacher. The class groups are too big, which doesn't help as a pedagogic environment... and the teachers always come super late (so we started like 30-40 minutes late).

  • Vija M. Pakalkaite
    Vija M. Pakalkaite
    3 years ago

    I have been in this school from A2 to B1 and later continued till B2. In all cases I encountered good, professional teachers. However, working in the class in summers is unbearable. There is no air conditioning and the building seems to be badly insulated. When its 30+ degrees outside, inside in a classroom is possibly +40. Imagine spending like this three evenings per week, three hours each time - the smell, the inability to's my second summer here, and already the last summer we asked for AC or other working solutions. To no avail.

  • M.L. B.
    M.L. B.
    4 years ago

    Good teachers, good program. Learn german as your schedule permits.

  • Samir Ajdin
    Samir Ajdin
    a year ago


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